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If you're as fascinated by the trains of yore as I am, those rustic steam machines chugging their way across the landscape, then this is the site for you. When I was just a toddler living near Hamilton, Ontario, I remember stopping in our car occasionally to let one of these behemoths pass. This was back in the 1950s. Now half a century later, these wonderful old machines are consigned to museums. There are still a few running but most have been mothballed.

In this site you'll find some vintage pictures of old trains from the past. You'll also find a page of links on information on museums that display old steam engines, as well as a page of old trains still running (click the link for Live Steam).

Our initial sources for material are books in the public domain, many of which are filled with vintage photos. The Museums and Live Steam pages are the result of personal experience and information provided by readers. If you know of anything we can add, please email us.

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company's "Broadway Limited",
a twenty-hour train between New York and Chicago in the 1910s.








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